N2N 2.0

Things have changed in my life so must the focus for this blog. Click to see why and how!

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N2N 1.0

Have you ever experienced it, when an idea grabbed you and won’t let go until you did something with it? Those are my “Needs to Note” moments.

I love paper. I love writing stories on them. I love making something useful out of them. I love finding beautiful designs and textures that often come with them.

Although “Needs to Note” is originally just a brand for my handmade paper items, I found out it takes all I’ve learned before to make them, the engineering to figure out the best format and process, the design to create the desire effects, and the writing to inspire more ideas and marketing.

I’ve recently surrendered to the fact that I’m much happier without too many things on my plate, so my ESTY shop is now closed.

But I may change, I may not. Either way, here is where I’ll record my history as it unfolds.

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