My Petition to God

“Why is she writing this?” In case you are asking, see my last entry “Petition to God?

Dear God,

I have been lucky in life and I appreciate all that I have been given. I’m writing to ask for help on my latest adventure.

I opened an ETSY shop selling handmade paper goods that are everyday functional art. And for the people who owns my notebooks or pocket memos, as they live their lives, I hope to bring them smiles, perhaps even some inspirations.

Everything I made, I made it with intention of love and service. When people hold my items in their hands, I could tell they love it because they kept moving their fingers over the covers and edges.

I ask for your help in bringing the same experience to my online shop visitors. It’ll be brilliant if they can share the joy of using these items like my local customers and myself do.

Thank you for hearing my request and I’m grateful for what I already have and what I’ll receive.

Iris, the humble shop owner/designer of Needs To Note

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