Rapid Cooling A Hot, Parked Car

The sun is blazing out there but you couldn’t park your car under the shade. Blasting A/C isn’t a good option since you first have to endure the hot air. Wouldn’t it be great if you can cool down the car before you get inside and give your poor A/C a little help?

A friend found a clip from a Japanese show with this tip from an air dynamic professor.

What do you do?

  1. Roll the driver side window all the way down
  2. Close all other windows
  3. Open and close the front passenger door at least 5 times (you don’t slam the door shut, just close and open normally)

In the video the car went from 41.6 C (106.88 F) to 33.5 C (92.3 F) , with the outside temperature at 30.5 C (86.9 F).

How does it work?

It works not by pushing hot air out the driver’s window but by sucking cool air in with the passenger door.

Notes: (from the video)

  • Be careful not to jam your fingers under the door lever
  • Make sure there are enough space for you to open your door fully
  • Be sure other cars and people are in a safe distance

A friend tried it and said it works well. Let me know if it works for you, too!

One thought on “Rapid Cooling A Hot, Parked Car

  1. Quick update: I’ve tried this out for many times now, it works amazingly well.

    More suggestion: Since the car still is holding heat, I’d drive around with windows down for a while. And for some reason, I found that if I open all windows expect for the driver’s, I feel cooler and without as much wind in my face and hair. Of course this one has no scientific base, just personal experiment.

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