Origin of My Etsy Adventure

I’ve lost my interest in craft show a while back because every show looks the same. On one cold, rainy day, I decided to visit a holiday craft show, just because.

And as expected, nothing stood out… until I got to the last room. At a corner, columns of square frames caught my eyes. What can I say, I’m a square who loves squares.

Close up, I saw in each frame, interesting matching background image and decorative magnets. The clean and stylish aesthetic was calming compared to the visual noises from other booths. Some even had neon color words scribbled on the clear surface. My favorite, Functional Art!

Before I left, I couldn’t help but to go back for another look. And there she was, the artist rearranging her work. Miss K (Magna Memos) told me she’s a scientist who does this for fun. Ah ha! That’s why I like her stuff. We are both have the logical mind, I, being an engineer in my former life.

She pointed me to Etsy and since that moment on, I knew I should give my handmade notebooks and myself a chance on Etsy.

Few months into the development, as I was stitching up a notebook together, a flash of insight struck me – everything I’ve ever learned all went into making this pile of paper into something beautiful and functional. It took engineering to figure out the best format and process, design to create the desire effects, and writing to inspire more ideas and marketing.

Thank you, Miss K for creating and for taking the time to show me the way.

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