Bandages, Not Made in USA?

Check the bandages in your first aid box, are you sure they are made in USA?

People all over the world trust the quality of US brand because products made in the States are usually safer and better. But on a trip to drug stores for bandages, I realized, even with first aid items, US brands might not be US made.

I started with the brand that took up most of the shelf space, none of this brand was made here. Next, I moved to the 3M Nexcare, thank havens, these are made in USA. Then I got curious about “green” bandages.

From the bandages I found at Whole Foods, it looks like “latex-free” is the feature, since some people are allergic to latex. These are what I ended up getting.

Nexcare Waterproof Clear Bandage

Nexcare Waterproof Bandage Made in USANexcare Waterproof Clear Bandage is made of a clear material that lets the air in and keeps the water out. At first sight, I thought, how can this thin, clear layer handle my frequent hand washing. It also took me a while to figure out how to put it on. (see this application demonstration, 28 seconds into the video.)

As Nexcare advertised, it stayed on until I decided to take it off a few days later. My cut was healed and it didn’t leave a ring of stickiness.

Nexcare Soft’n Flex Bandage

nexcare soft'n flex bandages made in usaIf you would rather have the traditional bandage, Nexcare Soft’n Flex Bandage is the pick. It is latex-free, comfortable to wear, and flexible to the movements. It stays on well but I must say the waterproof ones did much better.

Before you run out to the store for these US made bandages, make sure to visit Nexcare’s Coupons & Rebates page and save some money!

[NOTE] Please see the 2015 update on more USA made options.

12 thoughts on “Bandages, Not Made in USA?

  1. I was surprised to discover that the”Band-aid” brand of gauze that I just bought was made in China. This parent company is Johnson and Johnson. ?

    • That is how I felt when I wrote this post. And I believe you are correct that Band-Aid is part of Johnson and Johnson. Whenever I check the bandages in the stores, I found that 3M (Nexcare) to be the only company that provides USA made first aid items. Target’s store brand Up & Up was the other USA made bandages I found.
      Also, more recently, if you read origins on boxes of other types of products, you might often see designed/engineered in USA but produced else where.

  2. If you are concerned about putting a bandage on a cut/wound read the label. I have found that almost all J&J bandaid products are made in China. I do not use any product on or in my body from China.

    • Brenda, we share the same concern. That was the reason I started checking the origin of the bandages and beauty aid items like cotton rounds.

      Thank you for taking the time to write and I hope we will soon see more USA made products coming back into our stores.

    • Wife and I do not use China Made products either.
      Our Band-Aid brand band aids are made in Brazil. The next batch we bought were the 3M products made in the US

      • Scott, good to know that you will be buying US made 3M bandages next time. If you didn’t read my 2015 update and would like a less expensive product, Up & Up bandages from Target are also made in USA the last time I checked.

  3. I too try to avoid any products made in China. My family thinks I’m obsessed with this topic and I guess I am. Another sneaky trick some manufacturers use is to put ” American ” or ” US” in the item’s name such as “American Denim” or “Usa Jeans” and when you finally unearth the correct inside label, there is the insidious “made in China ” stamp!

    • Julie,

      You are definitly a discerning shopper. I’ve also noticed the deceptive image placement of US flags. And you are correct that the only way to be certain is to read the lable.

      And lately, I found myself moving away from the thinking of “don’t want” products of certain origions to “I want” to buy products to support hard working people in our lovely country. I believe that if we help each other out, whatever changes happen, we will all be fine.

      So happy to get a message from a like-minded shopper, we’ve already made a difference, I am seeing more USA made items everyday.

      (* I initialized your last name for your privacy, hope that is okay with you.)

  4. Does anyone know if there are gauze bandages — not bandaids, but 2×2’s and 4×4’s — still made in the USA? I’ve been all over the web, and feel like I’m just banging my head against a wall.

    • Jeremy, are you looking for sterilized gauze rolls? If you are I’ve found some on Amazon by Covidien/Kerlix 4.5″ x 4.1 yd, 6-ply. I searched with “gauze rolls made in usa” then I check to make sure.

      I don’t know what size you need so I’ll share my own search process on Amazon.

      1. Pick a product that fits your need
      2. Read the product details for country of origin, if not listed…
      3. Hover your mouse over the photo (provided the photo is high-def), you can sometimes find the country of origin. If that doesn’t work…
      4. Post your question in the Q & A area above where the reviews would be. This is the last resort, Amazon sends your question to sellers and past buyers, so sometimes you don’t get anything back.

      If you need sterilized products, make sure to check again before your place your order, search engins are still not as smart as people.

      You might also try to see if there are local first aid medical supply companies around you. They might not be cheap but you’d get a product you want then you can look for it online.

      If you need more help with your search, please let me know!

  5. About two or three years ago I bought some gauze rolls, only later realized they were made in China. Never used them, left in closer, recently went through closet they all turned yellow. That can’t be good. A few months later cleaning out basement found a bag with Kerlix gauze all different sizes that I had when I worked on an ambulance nearly 30 years ago and they were as white and fresh as the day I put them in the bag. It pays to buy American.

    • Steven, thank you for taking the time to share your experience. USA made products still means quality and in this case, safety, as well. I’m getting tired of using products that need replacing in a short period of time. In the end it’s more costly not only in money and in time and effort of cleaning/recycling things out.

      The “Little Black Dress” idea says it all, find the thing (preferably made in USA) that works and lasts, and it will be the gift that keeps on giving!

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