A Design for Creativity

creative juicer hand stitched notebooksMy last post on the book 59 Seconds by Richard Wiseman was on happiness. This time I was inspired by the chapter on creativity.

For this notebook called, the creative juicer, I combined two of his suggestions.

Using the color green and a repetitive pattern with one altered element. Both have been scientifically proven to increase creativity.

So, I made these to take with me everywhere. And whenever I need to get my creative juice pumping, all I have to do is first think of the problem at hand then glance at the front cover of my Creative Juicer.

Vuala! That’s all it takes.

Like to have your very own creative juicer? Leave me a note and I’ll be in touch.

2 thoughts on “A Design for Creativity

    • Zivile, thank you for liking the design enough to leave a comment. You just added an extra boost to my Creative Juice.

      When I make these it’s in a set of two. If you like, I can put it on my Etsy store for you. A set will be US$15 + postage.

      In case you’re not in US, the postage is about the same as the price of the notebooks. That means the final price is about US$30.

      If you think that’s crazy (like I would be), how about making your own pattern and paste it on another notebook? BTW, I love saving money, doesn’t matters yours or mine.

      Whatever you decide to do, may the force of the Creative Juice be with you! ;)

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