Out of Ink

O, oh, I’m running out of ink.
The ink trail is fading fast.

Don’t die yet,
let me finish this heated conversation.

Ah, thank you for your service.
I’m so proud to have finished you off.
The end of you may not spell a bestselling book.

But, to me,
writing a pen out of it’s ink
is the best proof of my perseverance.

I’ll be taking it on with another pen.
I’ll not give up until I see the ink trail runs dry again.

2 thoughts on “Out of Ink

  1. From one who is writing from the need to write, to another…I, too, shall persevere. Thank you for your example and inspiration. All is well and good. I am trusting the same is to be said for you.

    • Thanks, Linda.

      You are always so encouraging and always correct. As you can see from the poem, I’ve been writing like a mad woman.

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