Show Your Inner Colors

Inner Colors Hand Stitched NotebookThis set of notebooks has been longtime coming. It was the first few ideas I had for my NeedsToNote shop but something about it just won’t let me list it online.

When Linda did her reviews on a large version, she mentioned that she couldn’t tell which side is the front. I listened and put a notch on the front. It not only solved the usability problem, it lets the color inside show through. That’s when I knew it’s ready.

I also had a lot of fun taking the product photos!Inner Colors Hand Stitched Notebook

These notebooks come in 5-pack or 3-pack, both offer you the choice of color combinations.

I love colors so I’d go with the 5-pack combo but feel free to be yourself and don’t be afraid to show your inner colors!

Progress Journal

progress journal hand stitched notebookProgress journal flip book effectprogress journal hand stitched notebook

The original idea was for a custom request for a person ready to go on a pilgrim walk in Europe.

The flip book element that fades “Fog” into “Enlightenment” is to represent progress. And since more often than not, we learn and grew a little bit at a time, so if you look at the element one page at the time, the change is very small. But if you fly through the pages, then you see the transformation taking place.

So, whenever you found yourself in frustration, trying to push something through, just look at the upper right corner and remember that every little effort counts, even though you may not see it right now.

To purchase this notebook or see my other handmade paper goods, please visit the NeedsToNote Esty shop.