A Lucky Charm from Japan

geku omamoriToday, an Omamori (お守り) came to me in the mail.

When I was in Japan, I developed an addiction to omamaori. I got at least one of those at every temple I’ve ever visited. My friend was very considerate as to support my habit and now I get my lucky charm when ever she visits a temple in Japan.

This one is from the Isejingu‘s (伊勢神宮) Geku (外宮).

Omamori usually comes in more of a rectangular shape, a comma shape one is unusual. Some say it symbolizes the Magatama Pond in Geku. It comes in different colors but some how my friend picked orange, a color that has been a favorite lately. How did she know??

This omamori is for “opening fortunes” and I’ve attached it to my bag and ready to enjoy the good luck everywhere I go.