Shocked! Must Delete Online Profiles

Last week, I found a phone in front of my building. After a while a message with a number came up for me to call. No one answered. So I went online to see if it’s near by and that I can walk around to see if anyone is looking for a phone.

When I saw the image of this person’s house, I was shocked. It sent me into a frenzy, looking for my own info. And yes, I found the image of my building. Then I tried someone I know who refuse to use Facebook because of this very reason, didn’t make a difference, still a pretty detail profile.

So far I found 3 sites with my info and tried to delete them:

    1. Try searching for your name, phone number, and email. When your profile pulls up, don’t faint when you see a photo of your house.
    2. Copy the URL on the top of your profile page.
    3. Go to the bottom of their Privacy page, fill in the blanks. (I used an email made for junk mail.)
    4. Click on “Remove This Listing”
    5. Wait for an email to confirm the deletion.
    1. Go to their opt-out page then use their link find your listing.
    2. Once found, click on “This is the one” button. It will fill in the personal info blanks for you. For email, I used one that was made for junk mail only.
    3. Under “Define your privacy settings”, select “Hide everything”.
      Finish up with step 3.
    Do not sign up for an account just to delete your profile, that didn’t work for me. I’m waiting for a tv station to see if they’d find a way to do it.