The Reluctant Metrosexual

the reluctant metrosexual by Peter HymanWhile browsing in the Men-Psychology section on the library shelf to research for a story I’m writing, I found The Reluctant Metrosexual by Peter Hyman.

I pulled it off because I was curious to see if a metrosexual man thinks like the fashion challenged men. I read the first few pages and found his writing funny. Of course the situation he was in was already weird but I don’t think anyone can paint the picture as well as he did.

In the chapter about being unemployed and attached to a successful woman, he wrote about his mistake and about being “a typical man” by doing hair brain things to deplete her love and support. Here is my favorite quote in this chapter:

… you realize that you are now poor, jobless, and heartbroken (three states of being that, taken together, create a Doppler effect known as the “Triple Crown of Unemployment Loserhood”).

According to his web site, he is married with children now. He must have learned from his mistakes. I can’t wait to read about what other painful lessons he had to endure before he won the heart of his wife.