Weekly Planner, Design + Trial

Trial Weekly PlannerWhile visiting old friends (a couple) at their new house, I gave out my NeedsToNote imperfect notebooks. The husband doesn’t find SmartPhone as easy to use as a notebook, since it’s easier to change things on paper and it doesn’t require a battery.

So, I designed this for them with their Chinese initials on the covers and 1st inside pages (to avoid accidental mix up.) I knew I can always work through the technical/software challenges, and after a week of testing and tweaking, it’s finally done.

Trial Weekly PlannerMy friend wanted something he can put in his shirt pocket, so it’s about 4″ x 5″. Since everyone is getting on in age, the fonts and spaces are as large and I can make it. As a trade off, it’s a pretty thick planner.

As far as production concern for sale on the NeedsToNote online shop… I think I’ll offer a larger size planner (about 8″ x 5″). The smaller size makes more sense only if I can sell 2 at a time, otherwise I will have 50% waste, which is against the NeedsToNote mission – produced with least waste while easy to recycle. The larger size planner will be bi-weekly so it’ll be thinner and more mobile.

So, the next step is to design a larger size planner and then offer to personalize it with a Chinese character from the customer’s name or of a word of customer’s choosing.