Be A Better Writer by Reading Less?

Okay, I really mean reading less of what you don’t like.

Halfway through a thick dystopian novel I thought…

Why am I wasting my life? It is not a textbook for a class I’ve paid for. I won’t flunk life or even novel writing if I just stop.

But I’m half way through, the effort of reading those pages will go to waste.

Wrong, SELF, it has already cost a part of your life, finishing it will just cost your more. Forget it and move on.

I am not sure. It feels like giving up.

No, it’s called getting better with time management. Don’t you want to top your 2014 reading record in hope of catching up with Stephen King (70-80/yr)?

I do.

So, I returned the epic dystopian the next day.

Dear fellow writers,

Life is too short and many intriguing books await. If you promise never forcing yourself to finish a drag of a fiction. I promise I will stay away from thick dystopian books.

Better yet, I also promise to never try to finish another book just because I read the first 25 pages.

p.s. There’s nothing wrong with dystopian tales, it’s just not for me.