If You Care Sponge Cloths: Soaks up Fast & Compostable

I am super picky and wants the best tool for the job. I use Spiff Cloth to clean smooth surfaces like counter tops, stove tops, etc. It’s ultra easy and best at cleaning chrome faucets and mirrors. But it is not the best for soaking up liquid.

In the past, I had tried and posted about other cloths for soaking up liquid. The natural fiber one needed to get a bit wet before taking on the water. The synthetic fiber one has the same issue and it’s not eco friendly.

Why I like If You Care Sponge Cloths

A few years back, I tried If You Care Sponge Cloths. I mostly use it to soak up the water catcher under the dish rack.

  • No waiting. It takes on water immediately and quickly.
  • Drys fast = less smell. I rinse it out and hang it up after use.
  • Durable = money saving. I am only on my 2nd cloth after 2 years. (It may not be the case for you since I only use it to soak up water)
  • Cloths and Packaging are made of natural materials. Cloths: 70% cellulose & 30% cotton, Packaging (plastic looking type): certified compostable corn starch.

Good to Note

  • These will dry in the shape you left them, so if you don’t like uneven cloths, lay them flat to dry.
  • On the compostable part for both the cloths and non-paper packaging: Please ask the local facilities if they would accept these in the compost bin for the garbage pickup. Mine doesn’t, so I will be downgrading my cloths for picking up liquid on the floor eventually.
  • For people who need to, they are machine washable in water up to 190F (88C), up to 300 times. (I don’t need to so I haven’t tried.)
  • They are made in Germany, not USA, That’s why I waited to post this, kept hoping they would.
  • For more product details, visit the If You Care page.

Where to buy

  • Local stores. If you want check it out first, call the stores first to make sure they have them.
  • If You Care web site. Free shipping in USA over $25 of purchase.
  • Amazon. If you decided you like them, keep it on your wish list and watch for deals.