Hand Stitched Notebook Test Result

Miss Linda, a friend, has been testing my notebook since Jan. 2011. This week, she allowed me to record her review to put on YouTube. As I did with Marielle’s review, we did not prepare for the video, just went straight to recording.

The notebook Linda was testing is smaller than the final product because the cutter had an imperfection and I had cut the sides once more with the new cutter.

With the new notebook, Linda noticed that it wasn’t easy to tell which side is the front. I’m so glad she noticed it, otherwise I’d hear it from my customers.

My solution is to put a notch on the front cover. This worked out great, now you can see what color is on the inside! And with this fix, I’m ready to make the notebooks for my shop. I’ll post again when they are ready!

I like to thank Linda for doing this! I’m so happy the hear that she didn’t want to be without it, hope it goes the same for all my customers. It’s a small way to make someone’s day better and I am lucky to have the chance to bring that to every NeedsToNote owner.

NeedToNote Hand Stitched Notebook Review

Yes, I finally crossed over, from static images (graphic design) to moving images (YouTube).

My client (for design) and customer (for hand stitched notebook), Marielle, was kind enough to share her review about the “Best Selling Romance” notebook she bought from my Etsy shop.

I know it might be hard for potential customers to believe what Marielle said in the video review since I did the taping. However, we did not prepare for it at all, no script, no run through.

A side note: sorry you can’t see the stitching from the video, so be sure to find it in the “Best Selling Romance” listing page.

No matter what may come of it, I want to thank Marielle, The Money Whisperer, for being a friend and a supporter!