Holey Clothes Are Still Holy

What do you do with all the clothes you don’t want to keep? Go through this in order so you can get the most of the your old things.


  • Bring your best items to a local/church thrift shop first. If possible pick one that is all volunteers so all the money would go to the needy.
  • For the not-so-good items (i.e. just good enough to go out in), go to places like Good Will or Value Village


Folex Carpet Spot Remover

  • For cloth with holes and damages, recycle them. Check with your own garbage company if they recycle cloth.
  • Look for a local recycle company that accepts textiles
  • When all else fails Good Will seems to take cloth in any condition.


I just don’t have the hear to make other people sort through my old unmentionables, so I saved them to use with Folex, my favorite non-toxic carpet spot cleaner.

100% Japan Relief Act

Have you heard of any charity it’s volunteers spend their own money travel to the place in need of their services? Tzu Chi is this kind of charity. Check out what they are doing everyday to add something wholesome to the world.

Following Tzu Chi’s example of spending 100% of the relief donation on the people in need. From now until 4/30/11, 100% of the net profit from my NeedsToNote shop will be donated through Tzu Chi for their Japan Relief efforts.

Needs to Note 100% Japan Relief Act

I am also doing this because Japan is special to me.

In grade school, I fell in love with Maya in the “Crystal Mask” (ガラスの仮面) manga series. Maya is always with me whenever I feel like giving up.

After I burnt out from my first career, I spent a year in Japan, learning Japanese. Only because I want to read “Crystal Mask” in Japanese.

When I was there, I experienced the college life I didn’t have the first time. I found a friend who I’m still writing with till this day. And thank havens she and her family are okay.

Even if you couldn’t help with a donation, pay attention to how much love and compassion people are sending to Japan, let your good thoughts join that flow and with the combined energy, good things will come for all of us.